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Adult Members

Adult Members

Membership is open to adults at least 18 years of age. Adult members are called Senior Members. As a Senior Member, you can participate in search and rescue missions, disaster relief missions, and others. You can also nurture the leadership skills of our cadets or broaden the horizons of local students and teachers through aerospace education programs.

There are two types of opportunities available to Senior Members — duty assignments and operational specialties.

Duty Assignment is your job in the squadron such, as Admin Officer, Communications Officer, Finance Officer, IT Officer, Personnel Officer, Public Affairs Officer, Safety Officer, etc. Called specialty tracks, these jobs are necessary for the squadron to function. Members select a specialty track to be trained in, serve in, and earn rank. As members advance in training and rank, they become eligible to serve in these positions at higher levels in CAP (group, wing, HQ).

Operational Specialties are for members who want to be deployed and participate in official missions doing things such as radio operator, aerial photographer, or ground team member. Members complete training and get qualified to perform the tasks. A member can get qualified in as many or few operational areas as desired. Specialties are in addition to the squadron job. For example, a squadron Safety Officer can also be a qualified ground team member or mission radio operator.

Members can take advantage of extensive training including Air Force correspondence courses, and management and executive leadership training.

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