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Welcome to the Cadet Zone!

This page is a repository of information for cadets. Included are links to materials and information on the CAP website and several documents developed by the squadron.


New Cadets

Once your membership is approved, you'll receive a Welcome email with your CAP ID number and instructions to register for your online eServices account. Download the "New Cadet — Getting Started" document for step-by-step instructions on setting up your account and beginning your training. You should also review the CAP Pamphlet P60-20 New Cadet Guide.  


In the Related Documents section is a document on cadet uniforms, including where to get each piece, and estimated prices. If you want to get into the nitty gritty, there is the national Civil Air Patrol Uniform Regulation R39-1, a Mid-Atlantic Region Supplement, and a North Carolina Wing Supplement.

Customs and Courtesies

Saluting, coming to attention when an officer enters the room, shaking hands when meeting someone, holding a door open for a stranger — these are examples of customs and courtesies. They are small, but important expressions of politeness and mutual respect. The How and Why of customs and courtesies is covered in CAP Pamphlet P151 Respect on Display, which is in the Related Documents section.


The cadet program has four phases with 21 promotions. To promote, a cadet must have the required time-in-grade, pass Leadership, Aerospace, Drill, and PT tests, and participate in a Character class that is usually taught once a month. The requirements for each promotion are described on the NHQ website here.

"Achievement Contracts" will be issued to cadets for their next achievement/promotion to track progress. Cadets are responsible for bringing their contracts to meetings and ensuring each completed requirement is documented and verified. Contracts must be fully completed and turned in to the Deputy Commander for Cadets or designated representative for promotion eligibility. Achievement Contracts are also in the Related Documents section of this page.

A promotion becomes official when it is approved in eServices. Promotion ceremonies and pinning will be on Leadership night. Members unable to attend their Leadership night ceremony can be promoted and pinned at their next meeting (except not the PT meeting) or the next Leadership meeting.

Drill Tests

The handbook for learning drill movements is CAP Pamphlet P60-33 Drill and Ceremonies. There is also a Pocket Drill Guide in the Related Documents section. Drill will also be taught and practiced on certain meeting nights. Additionally, the YouTube vloggers mentioned at the bottom of this page have video tutorials on drill movements and other CAP topics on their channels.

The drill tests for each achievement/promotion are in the Related Documents section of this page. When you want to take a drill test, notify your chain of command, print the drill test, write your name and the date on it, bring it to the weekly meeting, and give it to the person testing you. If you are unable to print it you can ask for one at the meeting.

How to Print your 101 Card

Login to eServices, then > Menu > Operations > Operational Qualifications > Ops Quals sub-menu (at the top) > 101 Card, then Print (it will download). Then print and cutout the card part.

Paperwork to Carry On You at all CAP Activities

  • CAPID Card — Identifies you as a CAP member
  • 101 Card — Shows mission staff what you are qualified to do when you sign in for a mission or SAREX
  • Form 161 Emergency Information — Let’s CAP know who to contact if there is an emergency

Links to Frequently-used Forms

Ribbon Builder and Checker

Use the McChord Composite Squadron Ribbon Builder to determine the proper arrangement of your Civil Air Patrol awards, ribbons, and devices.

Helpful CAP Videos on YouTube

"Redberryweo" and Holly Fieglein are two YouTube vloggers and former Spaatz cadets who have a large collection of CAP informational and instructional videos on their YouTube channels. Redberryweo and Holly Fieglein


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