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Cadet Programs

Open to youth ages 12-18, the Cadet Program is a year-round program where Cadets fly, learn to lead, hike, train for real life missions, get in shape, and push themselves to new limits. This is accomplished through a curriculum of leadership, aerospace, fitness and character. The program follows a military model and emphasizes Air Force traditions and values. Cadets also have opportunities to attend leadership encampments, career academies, and other activities during the summer. If you’re dreaming about a career in aviation, space, emergency services, or the military, CAP’s Cadet Program is for you.

CAP promotes teamwork and high standards of personal conduct by granting cadets the privilege of wearing an Air Force-style uniform. The uniform and the related traditions of rendering military customs and courtesies distinguish cadets from ordinary youth.

CAP develops leadership skills in cadets by giving them opportunities to lead. This includes planning events, making decisions, and teaching and mentoring junior-ranking cadets, depending on how far the cadet-leaders have advanced in their program. The cadets’ grade structure and military-style chain of command reinforces this leadership concept.

CAP is fun. New friends and great opportunities are the hallmarks of cadet life. The cadets who work hard in CAP reap the most benefits. Activities both at meetings and on weekends build cadets into a team and offer opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. Proper adult supervision, a pro-safety attitude, and teamwork built upon mutual respect keep cadet life enjoyable.

About the Deputy Commander of Cadets

Lt. Alison Caudle joined the Civil Air Patrol during the Summer of 2015 after her then 12 year old son joined.  She, like many parents, didn’t want to just sit around meetings – she wanted to join those meetings and do something to help!

Volunteering and advocating, especially for and with children, has always been a passion for Lt. Caudle.  As well as the many hours at CAP that she volunteers at (and couldn’t do without the help of all the other Senior members), she is a Child Custody Advocate for a local county court system and volunteers about 30 hours a month at a local county animal shelter.  She works full time and she and her husband are also in the process of opening their own business. She has five children; her two bio children, Chaz born in 1991 and Cade, born in 2003 who is currently in CAP and wants to go to college and then join the Air Force.  She has three bonus children; Jeremy born in 1986, Heather born in 1987 and Joseph born in 1990, who was in the Navy for 6 years.

Lt. Caudle feels that becoming Deputy Commander of Cadets was the greatest honor of her professional and volunteer career.  Working directly with the Cadets, helping to guide them, watching their growth, seeing their interests change and develop and allowing them to become the best they can become is what makes all the hours worth it.

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