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How to Join

Check our calendar and come for a visit. Weekly meetings are open to the public.

Future Cadets — How to Join

  • Come to three regular squadron meetings

  • Apply online with your parent(s) at or after your third meeting

  • Pay yearly dues of $40

How to prepare for your first meeting:

  1. Dress in comfortable but nice attire — think school or business casual. We spend some time outdoors, so dress for the weather. If the calendar says it's PT Night, wear gym clothes so you can join in if you wish.
  2. Bring QUESTIONS! Ask about the program and talk with different members - we each have our own perspective and experiences to share with you. Here, we are basically a big family supporting each other.
  3. There will be important information for you, so bring something to take notes with!

When you arrive:

  1. Find the nearest Cadet or Senior Member and let them know you are a visitor, and we'll take it from there!
  2. If you are an aspiring cadet, you'll be encouraged to join in with the rest of the cadets and participate in the evening's activities.

Future Senior Members  How to Join

  • Visit the squadron and learn more about the opportunities and responsibilities of Senior Members

  • Complete an application and fingerprint card (at the Gaston County Sheriff's office)

  • Pay yearly dues of $67


Other Adult Opportunities

You can also be a part of the CAP community by becoming a Friend of CAP or an Educator Member.

A History of Inclusion

When Civil Air Patrol formed in the early days of World War II, many of our first volunteers were patriotic citizens unavailable for military service who nevertheless were determined to serve the nation in a time of need. CAP welcomed women, World War I veterans, teenagers, senior citizens, disabled persons, and other volunteers. Our history is built upon a wonderful inclusiveness found only in a democracy. CAP draws its strength from the fact that as a civilian auxiliary of the Air Force, we can and do include Americans from all backgrounds in our important work. Today that proud tradition continues . . . 

Guidance for Parents

Commitment to Inclusion. If your cadet has a disability or other special need, please talk with the local leaders. We are committed to doing everything we reasonably can to help each cadet succeed. We're especially proud of cadets who work hard and lead by example, despite a learning or physical disability. See Inclusion.

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